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project of the year

15 projects won the project of the year award

With nearly 200,000 votes in 21 days, the architecture magazine ArchDaily recently announced 15 excellent architectural projects that won the 2021 Building of the Year award organized by ArchDaily, based on the evaluation and votes of independent readers. fake. As in previous years, the winning projects cover a variety of construction categories, demonstrating the diversity…

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interior styles

8 Interior styles from the West

The continuous development of the interior design industry requires diversity and richness, because people's aesthetic eyes are increasingly enhanced. In that context, it is really necessary to import and learn different interior styles from many cultures. Welcome to SERIES 8 (P1) – 8 Typical Western Interior Styles In recent years, the architecture - interior industry…

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Impressive architectural works in the world

Creativity is one of the intellectual products through which people create creative ideas in architecture in general and architectural design in particular, creating and beautifying life, contributing to honoring the prosperity of the world. prosperity and sublimation of social civilization. In the current situation, many civil housing projects still do not have a clear set…

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Contemporary religious architecture

Contemporary religious architecture – More perspectives

In the context of growing socio-economic development, the religious field also has many transitions and raises many questions about today's religious architecture. Should we keep and follow the traditional architecture? Can modern linguistic materials convey mystical, spiritual emotions? How to bring religious works closer to the community, especially the pagans? Contemporary religious architecture The article introduces…

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